Extended to July 31, 2020!


Welcome to season 51. We hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready to start the new school year. As a member of the ADCT Class of 2020 you will join your community of stuff-doers and go-getters in an exciting curriculum designed to prepare you for the next chapter of your life. Please review your class schedule carefully, as tardiness may greatly hinder your ability to graduate to the bigger and better things you know you deserve. Stay in school, kids.

Upcoming Events

Graphex 51

Graphex 51

Once a year, students and professionals submit their hard work to be reviewed and hand selected by judges from around the nation. Work worthy of Graphex will be honored at a one night exhibit and award ceremony. Winning professional work and student portfolios are put on display for all to appreciate. All winning work is announced during the ceremony and in a printed winners book.
Entry is now open!

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Mythic Press
Mythic Press
Mythic Press
February 27, 2020

2019/2020 Season Memberships

  • Corporate
    $180+ Half Season
    • Free Entry to Keynotes
    • 6+ Guest Passes Per Season
    • Discounted Special Event Registration
  • Student
    $30 Half Season
    • Free Entry to Keynotes
    • 2 Guest Passes Per Season
    • $30 Savings

ADCT 50th Anniversary Poster Book

We are celebrating 50 years of the Art Directors Club of Tulsa by tracing our history from a small group of rebels who just wanted to talk about design to the oldest continuously operating member-supported are directors club in the United States. Published here for the first time is a catalog of 165 of the best posters created for the club.