Shannyn Lee
Win Without Pitching
October 15, 2020


We have launched season 52. The countdown is on to once again suit up, board the ADCT capsule and set a course to discover and expand creative knowledge for the benefit of arts & humanity. But first, we must give each other some space and begin our journey with our first-ever series of virtual speaker events. We hope you will join us on this voyage of discovery as we dare to boldly go where no art community has gone before!

Upcoming Events

Shannyn Lee  - October 15, 2020

Shannyn Lee - October 15, 2020

Win Without Pitching was founded in 2002 by Blair Enns after more than a decade in new business and account management roles in some of the world’s largest advertising agencies and some of its smallest design firms. Originally a new business consultancy to creative firms, Win Without Pitching became a training and coaching organization in 2013.